Franz Changelog

4.0.4 (beta)

  • Fixed linux tray icon
  • Fixed issue with custom url validation of plugins

4.0.3 (beta)

  • Fixed Rocket.Chat and Mattermost
  • Fixed disable autostart

4.0.2 (beta, Linux only)

  • Fixed tray error that is sometimes causing to abort the main process

4.0.1 (beta, Linux only)

  • Fixed issue that prevents saving

4.0.0 (beta)

  • Added option to globally mute/unmute all notificiations
  • Added option to enable/disable services
  • Added quick edit menu to the tab bar
  • Added option to launch Franz on system start
  • Added VK integration
  • Added Wire integration
  • Added ICQ integration
  • Added IRCCloud integration
  • Added Cisco Spark integration
  • Added Facebook Pages integration
  • Added LinkedIn integration
  • Added Hibox integration
  • Added integration
  • Added Yahoo! Messenger integration
  • Added Zendesk integration
  • Added API to add custom integrations
  • Added support for yodel calls
  • [Windows] Fixed issue when restoring maximized window from system tray
  • Fixed Gmail "Grrr! Popup Blocker" message
  • Improved save settings/backup logic
  • Fixed open Skype links in browser
  • Misc translation improvements

3.1.1 (beta)

  • [Windows, Linux] Added run Franz in background/minimise to system tray
  • Added shortcut to reload service (individual service: ctrl/cmd+r; all: ctrl/cmd+shift+r)
  • Fixed "black screen" intermittent
  • Fixed damaged settings bug
  • Fixed Gmail zero unread messages bug
  • Fixed "Show unread message badge for all new messages" setting
  • Misc translation improvements

3.1.0 (beta)

  • Improved redirect logic
  • Pressing "esc" should not open the acknowledgements page
  • Fix tab order when new tab is created
  • Added Gmail integration
  • Added Inbox by Gmail integration
  • Added integration
  • Improved spellchecker
  • Improved Twitter share messages
  • Improved Slack badge
  • Remove inconsistent language
  • Improved notification image selection
  • Improved settings behaviour
  • Fixed issue with "predefined" languages
  • Improved indirect message handling support
  • Improved URL validation

3.0.2 (beta, Windows and Linux only)

  • [Windows, Linux] Fixed memory leak issue
  • [Linux] Fixed system tray icons not displaying (some desktop environments)

3.0.1 (beta)

  • Fixed Tweetdeck two-factor authentication
  • Fixed Telegram focus issue
  • Fixed DingTalk login issues
  • [OSX] Fixed missing service icons in notifications
  • Fixed zoom in shortcut on English keyboards
  • Improved custom service URL support
  • [Linux] Improved resolution of system tray icons

3.0.0 (beta)

  • Added support for HipChat custom servers
  • Added Tweetdeck integration
  • Added DingTalk integration
  • Added Rocket.Chat integration
  • Added Mattermost integration
  • Added Flowdock integration (A huge thanks to our community!)
  • Added MySMS integration
  • Added support for Slack team icons
  • Added support for direct/indirect notification badges for Slack and HipChat
  • Added settings
  • Added option to clear cache
  • Added option to view/download skype attachments
  • Added support for Hangouts video calls
  • Added 40 Languages (A huge thanks to our community!):
    • Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian, Bahasa melayu - Malay, català - Catalan, dansk - Danish, Deutsch - German, Deutsch (Wienerisch) 😻 - German, English, español - Spanish, español (andaluz) - Spanish (Andaluz), français - French, Galego - Galician, Hrvatski - Croatian, italiano - Italian, latviešu valoda - Latvian, lietuvių kalba - Lithuanian, magyar - Hungarian, Nederlands - Dutch, norsk - Norwegian, polski - Polish, português - Portugese, português do Brasil - Portugese, română - Romanian, shqip - Albanian, srpski jezik - Serbian (Latin), suomi - Finnish, svenska - Swedish, tiếng việt - Vietnamese, Türkçe - Turkish, čeština - Czech, Русский - Russian, српски језик - Serbian (Cyrillic), Українська - Ukrainian, עברית - Hebrew, العربية - Arabic, فارسی - Persian, 中文 (简体) - Chinese (Simplified), 中文 (繁體) - Chinese (Traditional), 日本語 - Japanese, 한국어 - Korean
  • [OSX] Added spellcheck
  • Improved visual issues in WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and Steam Chat
  • Improved Franz Dashboard
  • Improved notifications handling and overall appearance
  • Improved tab bar for icon only usage
  • Improved visual indicator of muted services
  • Improved overall speed and stability
  • Fixed notification badges for muted chats on Messenger and WhatsApp
  • Fixed notification sound duplicate for Slack, Skype, WhatsApp and Telegram
  • Fixed focus issue when switching to Franz
  • Fixed Giphy integration on HipChat
  • Fixed notifications issues on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Fixed shortcut for zooming in/out
  • Fixed Grape unread message indicator
  • Fixed window shaking when changing tabs
  • Fixed Telegram unread message indicator when searching for a conversation
  • Fixed "There is no update available" popup
  • Fixed Cmd/Ctrl+0 duplicate for resetting zoom/go to dashboard
  • [Windows + Linux] Fixed highres system tray icons + added dark/light versions

2.0.0 (0.9.10 beta)

  • Added ChatWork integration
  • Added Gitter integration
  • Added Discord integration
  • Added Steam Chat integration
  • Added option to mute audio
  • Added voice/video calls to Slack and Facebook Messenger
  • Added zoom in/out for services
  • Fixed tab switch shortcut does not override text selection
  • Fixed Franz license
  • [Windows] Added installer certificate
  • [Windows] Added taskbar message badge
  • [Windows 7+8] Improved notifications
  • [Windows + Linux] Added minimize to system tray
  • [Windows + Linux] Fixed scrolling problems

0.9.9 (beta)

  • Added Windows beta version
  • Added Linux beta version
  • Added WeChat integration
  • Added GroupMe integration
  • Improved update handling
  • Fixed continuous update check when the user has a weak internet connection
  • [OSX] added shortcuts for tab switching (cmd+shift+[/], ctrl+tab, ctrl+shift+tab)
  • [Windows + Linux] added shortcuts for tab switching (ctrl+shift+[/], ctrl+tab, ctrl+shift+tab)
  • Added information bar for urgent messages
  • Added save & restore windows size
  • First service tab is now active on startup
  • Fixed Facebook Messenger "page not found" error

0.9.8 (beta)

  • Fixed unread notifications badge

0.9.7 (beta)

  • Fixed webview height when tab bar is higher than one row
  • Re-arranging tabs now refreshs tab-shortcuts (Cmd+1/2/3/…)
  • Added Privacy Statement & Franz support
  • Focus on service when Franz get focused
  • Improved disable notifications
  • Added share view
  • General UI improvements

0.9.6 (beta)

  • Added support for re-arranging tabs
  • Added background mode
  • Fixed settings error, Meiselstraße 62/8, 1140 Vienna, Austria.